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  • Cities: Skylines Review

    Welcome to the Total Gaming Network review for Cities: Skylines. The full review can be viewed in the video below. A quick rundown of the positives and negatives for the game can be found just below the video.

    + Large land areas allow you to really stretch your creative legs.
    + Built in mod support from the very start.
    + Can create or edit custom assets.
    + Can share mods, assets, custom content, and save games on Steam Workshop.
    + Road can curve, they can go above and below other roads, they can form bridges automatically, they can be turned into crazy interchanges, or they can be boring. The major limitations are your creativity and how efficiently you use the space you're given.
    + Public transportation options are nicely fleshed out (Includes: Busses, trains, and subway systems that can all be customized with various routing options).
    + The water in the game is somewhat dynamic and can cause flooding if you aren't careful with how you build certain buildings such as hydroelectric power dams.
    + A much more scaled back but "realistic" agent simulation. Every person has an actual home and an actual job and won't randomly change where they live or where they work every day.
    + You can rename any citizen, any building, any district, any household, and even any animal you see.
    + RCI system is more akin to older city building titles.
    + You can enact various policies and adjusts taxes on a city level or on a per district level.
    + The ability to place individual districts within your city creates added layers of control and specialization that you absolutely will want to make use of.
    - Roads, while vastly improved compared to other city builders (Ex: SimCity) still have some (quite rare) issues with traffic.
    - The population gated unlock system for some buildings and structures may put some off (can be bypassed with mods, however).
    - Some systems could use some better explanations (Ex: Why residents are unhappy, why buildings are abandoned, etc.).
    - There is currently no way to create tunnels for roads, though the developers will possibly add this feature in later.
    - There is no weather system, nor seasons, nor natural disasters, nor day/night cycle. I hope that this comes later as part of an official update, or that a mod eventually adds some or all of these into the game.
    - The ability to terraform your city in real time, even in a limited capacity, is also not in the game. Again, I hope that this comes later or a mod adds this in.
    Related Information
    Title: Cities: Skylines
    Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux (Reviewed on Windows)
    ESRB Rating: N/A
    Cities: Skylines was provided to Total Gaming Network for review purposes from Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive.