Everyone enjoys gaming. With NeuroNation or Duolingo, you get smarter, with a 20Bet casino online you make money, and with PC games, you just relax. Moreover, these games can get engaged thanks to their breathtaking plots. If you want to fully dive into the game, these options are for you.

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Life Is Strange

In Life Is Strange, all the efforts of the creators were spent on the story because it is more an interactive movie than a game. You will have to get used to the role of a girl student who knows how to rewind time.

Surely you thought that since you will be able to rewind time, you can not be afraid to make the wrong choice. But it's not that simple, the plot of the game is constructed in such a way that you have to take responsibility for every mistake.

If in the beginning we are seeing the series with teenage drama, in the middle of the game the detective hell begins, and the creators managed to combine realism with unobtrusive mysticism.

Bioshock Infinite

When you look at the games from the story point of view, the most interesting one is Bioshock Infinite. It is mainly due to the great ending that brings the story to its logical conclusion.

We will be playing as Booker Dewitt, who goes to Columbia City, located in the sky. The task before us is to deliver the customer to the girl. The game constantly poses a bunch of questions that are hard to answer, but overall the progression of the story is more relaxing than stressful. But then you get completely confused in its intricacies. But isn't that what we need?

The Witcher 3

Probably, everyone has heard about this game. Here you will have to take on the role of Geralt, a specialist in monster slaying.

You will be traveling through a fascinating fantasy world and look for the girl. The fact is that she is the only one who can stop the coming of the Wild Hunt.

In this wonderful game you can just walk through the woods and come across unusual aggressive creatures, so even outside of the main storyline there is something to do. Players especially like the fact that the creators have worked not only the story as a whole, but also each individual quest. And all your actions along the way will affect the ending, so be careful.


SOMA is a horror, but it is not very good in its genre. It is much better at impressing the player with a complex and interesting story. At first the game may seem boring, but soon you will drop everything for another dose of intriguing and unconventional sci-fi story.

At the center of the action is a simple guy. He lives the most ordinary life, going to work every day and relaxing in bars. But one day he discovers that he is the last survivor of a huge scientific complex at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. You'll have to work hard to figure out how this could have happened in the first place.