Sony tears apart the PS5.
PlayStation 5 teardown

Sony decided to offer up a professional teardown of the PlayStation 5 hardware before any other outlet got the chance to do so. The process seems to be pretty straight forward, at least as far as teardowns are concerned.

Removing the side panels seems to be easy enough. From there, you have access to the extra M.2 compartment that will allow you to expand your storage. This will come in quite handy given that there are some reports suggesting that the PlayStation 5's internal storage will give players only 664GB of usable storage after the operating system takes up space. That really isn't all that much in a world where games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare exist that now exceed the space on 250GB hard drives.

The teardown of the PlayStation 5 also shows how users can remove and store the vertical stand that sits at the bottom of the console itself. This is especially handy for those that wish to rotate the device to place it horizontally.