One million pilots and counting.
Microsoft Flight Simulator

The Xbox Wire announced today that Microsoft Flight Simulator is the biggest game launch ever in the history of Xbox Game Pass for PC. Thus far, over one million players have played Microsoft Flight Simulator since its release on August 18th.

In addition to this impressive figure are even more impressive figures. Get ready for some sick statistics!

The Microsoft Flight Simulator community has flown more than 26 million flights since release. On top of that over 1.1 billion miles have been flown by everyone. Microsoft says that this distance is the equivalent of flying around the world over 40 thousand times.

Just over two weeks ago, Microsoft Flight Simulator launched. Thanks to the incredible support of our community of fans, pilots, flight enthusiasts and virtual travelers, we have had more than one million unique players take to the skies. Additionally, Microsoft Flight Simulator was the biggest game launch in Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) history. On behalf of the entire team, we’d like to express our gratitude to all the fans who have begun to explore the world and the magic of flight with us.