Get ready to blast off in this team-based shooter.
Rocket Arena key art

EA and Final Strike Games announced the release of Rocket Arena, their new 3v3 arena shooter where it is rockets, and only rockets, all the time. The game is out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via both Origin and Steam. It supports full cross-play across all platforms. The base entry fee looks to be $29.99 (USD) with a "Mythic Edition" for $39.99. More on that later.

The game itself features 10 different playable heroes, customizable playstyles, and "highly competitive action." Today's launch includes access to all of the different heroes, 100 levels of progression, 10 maps, 22 gameplay changing artifacts, custom games, along with social playlist access, and ranked playlist access. There are four competitive game modes, a cooperative mode, a training level, practice mode, daily challenges, weekly challenges, and cosmetic items that can all be unlocked through in-game progression.

Rocket Arena features several unique mechanics to amplify player experience, including the Blast Meter which tells players how far their opponents will fly as they attempt to knock them out of the arena. Players are also never out of the action. Once KO'd, players fly back into the arena to survey the scene and return to the fight, keeping all competitors on their toes. Additionally, every hero in the game’s colorful lineup has their own distinctive personality, playstyle and signature rocket launcher, with a high skill ceiling that allows players to show off a variety of advanced movements like rocket jumping while sniping, dodging and firing combos.
Final Strike Games says that they have at least 3 months of new content lined up for Rocket Arena's launch window. They will be adding new characters and running limited-time events in new maps over that time. They say that each of these seasons will expand the lore behind the heroes and the world of Crater along with adding new cosmetics to unlock through a Blast Pass (season pass), a new ranked season, and more. The first of these seasons is slated to begin on July 28, which is about two weeks after today's launch. When it kicks off, it will add a new playable hero called Flux and over 10 new playlists across the different modes.

A special Mythic Edition of the game includes the base game plus the Mythic Guardian Phoenix Jayto Outfit, 15 custom effects, 3 Epic cosmetics, 2 Epic VFX trails, and 1,000 Rocket Fuel, which is the name given to the premium in-game currency. That is enough to purchase the Season 1 Blast Pass, which is priced at 950 Rocket Fuel. That will leave you 50 Rocket Fuel to... do something with. Who knows what is left that is priced at what amounts to probably $0.50.

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