It's as close as you can get to a new Skate game.

The skateboarding simulation game, Session, is now available through the Xbox Game Preview on Xbox One. The game is said to capture "the golden era of skateboarding" thanks to its "free-flowing creativity, culture, and madness of the sport in its purest form." The game features realistic skate physics and collaborations with "prominent skate legends." Those skate legends will be revealed "soon."

Just like a certain other skateboarding franchise, Session assigns each foot to each analog stick for your controls. This allows you to pull off tricks just by using combinations of stick movements. Sound familiar? Yeah, it probably does.

Session has already seen some success on Steam Early Access since its release on that platform in September 2019. Since its Steam Early Access release, the game has been updated a number of times. Updates have included the addition of new tricks, famous real-world skate spots, new control schemes (including "legacy" controls), editing tools, and more. All of these updates are included right out of the date on the Xbox Game Preview release.

There is a free trial session of Session available through the Microsoft Store. You can also just buy it wholesale for $19.99 (USD) from Steam or from the Microsoft Store.