The humble gaming PC, something many of us dream to have…

But, wait, you can.

In past years, buying a gaming PC was only a choice people could make when they had more money than time (or sense) but now, the whole gaming industry has revolutionized, enabling many of us avid gamers to choose our dream set ups, that are still within our budget.

However, buying a gaming PC can be a massive step for many of us, in terms of cost, specs and even how good it looks. Which is why, computer specialists, AWD-IT are here to help you with your gaming PC purchase.

So, What Can I Do With My Gaming PC?

Well, the obvious answer is, “you play games, duh.” But actually, many of us don't realize the unappreciated range and what else you can actually use it for, besides playing Fortnite.

Gaming PCs double up as a fantastic and reliable home office set up, so you can easily work hard and play hard, all in one computer, saving you the initial costs in terms of purchasing a PC for working and one for gaming entertainment. Plus, with your cool peripherals, it can help increase your productivity, as you can also use your sleek keyboard and mouse for easy navigation and typing.

Also, a lockdown side note - having a good headset for your 100th Zoom meeting, is always a good idea.

On the other side of technology-based entertainment, gaming PCs offer more than their marketing pitch. Your setup is a home to a whole entertainment system, from watching your favourite Netflix series in crisp, clear quality, to listening (and badly singing along) to your favourite songs whilst you game or work.

Intel i5

Do I Buy Or Build?

Without a doubt, 90% of the time when you talk to someone about buying a gaming PC, the first thing they will reply with is “Why don’t you build your own? It will more than likely be cheaper and have better specs.” But here is the truth, they are probably right.

If you have the free time and energy to focus on creating your own specialized set up, alongside thorough research, then you can open doors to really maxing out your settings on your favourite games, find the perfect case to go with your theme and even the prettiest coloured LEDs that will go with your gaming chair.

If this option sounds like something that excites you, and you have the free time (especially during lockdown) then why not take the leap of faith? It might be the best choice you ever make.

However, many of us work full time, have commitments and don't have the time to fully dedicate a gaming pc setup, which is fine!

In terms of buying an already built gaming PC, you know what you are paying for and many companies offer support on any problems that you may face, alongside this, you still conserve the time and energy, compared to building your PC, as it is the company's responsibility to provide you with the replacements.

To explain it easily, if the idea of building your own setup does not thrill you, then buy a PC which is already built and ready for you to enjoy! But do make sure to take thorough research into what you are buying and mainly focus on recommended and trusted brands.

When Should I Buy A Gaming PC?

When is ever the right time to get a gaming PC?

Many of us hold back on purchasing a gaming PC, because of the cost and overthinking of how much you are going to use it. But if you feel you have found your dream set up, it is within your budget and it will match your gaming chair, then why not go for it? In many cases, gaming PCs can last you around a decade if you invest time and money, but also with the continuous array of affordable options and upgrades that are regularly being realized, you can create a setup which you will never be bored of.

Plus, many of us during lockdown are facing the fact that we may have more money, as we are not going for our third McDonalds of the week…

But on a more serious note, lockdown has created many people to feel socially isolated and alone, so a gaming PC can really be something that can help you along the way, as not only is it something to look forward to and enjoy, but it enables you to use video calling software for more realistic socializing. It’s difficult to not feel lonely in quarantine, and for a lot of people, having their set up forms the heart of their daily online bonds and entertainment within gaming.

Ultimate (overkill) gaming PC

Your Setup Needs To Be Glam…

If you want the full gaming PC experience, then you also need to take peripherals into account, but they can be a slippery cliché slope where your wallet is left empty. But you obviously want accessories that you find simple to use and look good too.

Without a doubt, a part of the gaming PC culture is to glam out your set up, which means fancy keyboards, mice, headsets, microphones, chairs, webcams, mouse pads, the list goes on. And, thankfully now, there are more aesthetic options than just a sleek black hardware with glowing lights, alongside a range of prices to choose from, so you can focus on your overall budget, whilst having peripherals that you enjoy and find aesthetically pleasing.

The only problem many of us face is focusing on the pretty aspect and losing out on a lot of money, when really you need to fully look into the brand, specs and reviews from other people for the true visual appearance. If you are looking to focus more on visuals, then focus on looking at a keyword being your main focus point. But, if like many of us, your setup is now doubling as a home office, then it might be worth investing in an ergonomic gaming chair (we don't want you having a bad back now do we.)

All in all, in terms of buying your own gaming PC setup, the main things you need to prioritize are - your budget, your time, your research and mostly importantly, if this purchase is something you are going to appreciate for years to come.

Many people only associate gaming PCs with their main use, but they really do offer more than you think. So, why not take the leap of faith?