PlayStation 5 games will have to wait a big longer.
Sony PS5 postponed

Sony has just announced that they are postponing the PlayStation 5 event that was scheduled for June 4. The event has been postponed for obvious reasons. Those reasons, for those unaware, are the numerous ever ongoing protests against racism and cops that believe they have a license to kill.

These protests started following the murder of George Floyd by four police officers in Minnesota. However, that event was merely the tipping point for a country that has long suggested that Black lives do not matter. It was a tipping point for a country where those who swore an oath to protect us from harm are instead the ones we have come to fear the most. I am not mincing my words here when I say flatly: Black Lives Matter. The protests have shown that people are fed up with a system that clearly treats certain groups and races more preferably than others.

It certainly does not help matters that during these protests, the police have repeatedly used excessive force against peaceful protesters and the media. It does not help that someone elected* to lead a country, Donald Trump, is instead trying to instigate escalation with his words, stupidity, ignorance, and outright cowardice.

Today's move by Sony follows a similar move by EA. EA had planned to reveal Madden NFL 21 today, but have since postponed it. Google has also delayed an Android 11 beta announcement that was planned. There may be other announcements getting postponed or delayed in the days ahead.