Welcome to GameStop, where our employees are completely expendable.
GameStop coronavirus

We're still in the midst of a global pandemic but that sure hasn't stopped the morons of the world from wanting to open everything back up. Speaking of which: GameStop corporate have started to reopen a number of stores around the world. They join city mayors, state governors, and a bunch of Trump supporting protesters that blindly threw themselves at an astroturfing campaign to force people back to work. It's easy to push for this when it isn't their lives being put on the line.

GameStop specifically has decided to reopen locations in Italy, Germany, and Austria. Not content with that, they have also decided to reopen locations in South Carolina and Georgia (the state). They are also "preparing for the potential to reopen in other operating countries and states in the coming weeks."

This is after GameStop locations were closed back on March 21 after they were forced to close by a number of state officials. This was despite their attempts to claim themselves an "essential retailer," a claim that nobody with even half a mind could possibly believe. However, many of those closed stores weren't fully closed. Two-thirds of all GameStop locations continued to allow for curbside pickup for items that were ordered online. Some even went so far as to tell their employees to keep working and just wrap their hands in plastic bags to protect them from the coronavirus.

GameStop corporate's push to reopen again shows just how expendable they consider their employees. A bit of silver lining here is that CEO George Sherman and the GameStop board of directors are taking "temporary" 50% pay cuts, which still keeps Sherman within the "millionaire" territory. Other execs are taking a temporary 30% cut.

There will also be cuts to "certain other employees" throughout the rest of the company. These other employees will see a reduction in pay of between 10% and 30%. It was not at all specified who falls under this "other employee" umbrella. Some of the corporate staff members get to choose between being furloughed or working shorter work weeks for reduced pay.

GameStop has also reportedly missed a few lease payments. They said that they "remain in discussions with its landlords regarding ongoing rent payments, including potential abatement, deferral and or restructuring of future rents during this period of COVID-19 related closure."

Image via DualShockers.