Valve's take on Dota Auto Chess is leaving Early Access.

Valve announced today that Dota Underlords is almost ready to leave the purgatory known as "Early Access." The full release of the game will take place on February 25. On this date, the game will be released on Steam, the Apple App Store, and on Google Play for Android devices.

For those unaware, Dota Underlords is Valve's official standalone take on the super popular Dota Auto Chess mod that was created for Dota 2. The mod was originally made by a studio now known as Drodo Studio. The developer opted to make a stand-alone game called Auto Chess.

With this release comes the start of Dota Underlords Season 1. This first season will include new content, more rewards, and new alliances. Valve wasn't content with waiting a whole month to bring fans some new content, as they released the fourth Underlord to White Spire today. Their name is Enno and they are a "furry jerk with a chip on his shoulder."

Valve has set up a special character introduction page for Enno. This little furball can protect his team with his Soothing Balm but he can also attack with his Death Spin and All Out Attack! abilities.

Most visitors to White Spire see the refuse-filled alleyways that make up The Warrens as merely slums...but to Enno, it is a Kingdom. Today, his people live in the margins of White Spire; scavenging and stealing to get by, but Enno has bigger aspirations. He believes it’s his destiny to lead his people out of the shadows into greatness, and he will employ every underhanded tactic he can think of in order to make that dream a reality.

Enno is always on the move - darting around and poisoning enemies with ranged attacks. If he's ever in a pinch he pulls the ripcord and escapes the board for a breather, before coming back and stunning adjacent enemies.

Depending on what mood you catch him in Enno employs different "tactics". Sometimes Enno will steal items from the enemy crew, while healing his own crew. Other times he'll amp up his own damage and pull the enemy crew in for an all out attack.
The full list of changes offered in today's Enno-themed update, can be found through this Steam Community post.

For those still in need of even more Dota Underlords content, PC Gamer's February 2020 cover story is all about the upcoming release and about Valve in general. Valve even shared an image of the February issue of the magazine so you know what to look for on (digital) newsstands. You can actually see Enno clawing at some walrus looking character in the image. Valve also provided a link to where you can subscribe to PC Gamer in a few different flavors.
PCGamer 341 Cover