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  • Underlords: Season One Begins

    Underlords: Season One Begins

    Dota Underlords leaves Early Access.

    Valve just freed Dota Underlords from its Early Access limbo today. Today's release also marks the beginning of Season One for the game. The launch also includes "a ton of content to explore, rewards to earn, a hero/Alliance/item shakeup and more." Let's see a bit more about what today's release means for Dota Underlords.

    Let's start with the fact that Dota Underlords is a free to play game. Yes, there are optional purchases...
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  • Valve Readies Dota Underlords for Full Release

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    Valve Readies Dota Underlords for Full Release

    Valve's take on Dota Auto Chess is leaving Early Access.

    Valve announced today that Dota Underlords is almost ready to leave the purgatory known as "Early Access." The full release of the game will take place on February 25. On this date, the game will be released on Steam, the Apple App Store, and on Google Play for Android devices.

    For those unaware, Dota Underlords is Valve's official standalone take on the super popular Dota Auto Chess mod that was created...
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  • Dota Underlords 'Big Update' is Live

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    Dota Underlords 'Big Update' is Live

    The much needed update for Dota Underlords is now here.

    Valve has released what they are calling The Big Update for Dota Underlords today. This update adds in new Underlords, a Duos Mode, a Freestyle Mode, new Heroes, and even a new UI. Arguably, the biggest addition made to the game is the addition of Underlords. That's right, the characters for which the game is literally named after, now play a much larger role in the game.

    Before each match, you will get to choose...
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  • 'DOTA Underlords' Trademarked by Valve

    'DOTA Underlords' Trademarked by Valve

    It's probably DOTA Auto Chess.

    Valve was given a new trademark this week. This trademark is for an upcoming "computer game" called DOTA Underlords. Literally nothing else is known about this title. There is speculation that it may be the name of Valve's standalone release of DOTA Auto Chess, but that's as much of a guess as anything else.

    For all we know, it could be a VR title, something to do with Artifact, or something completely unexpected....
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