They're probably just teasing more pachinko machines.
Konami job recruitment key art

Recently, the former video game developer Konami updated their key visual on their recruitment page. The new art showcases some really iconic characters from some of Konami's biggest and best franchises over the past 50 years.

What jobs are they recruiting for? Beats me. I saw someone make the joke that they must be using this image to hire gravediggers and that gave me a sad chuckle. So let's just run with that.

You can take a look at the art for yourself by visiting Konami's Japanese job recruitment page. Alternatively, you can just look at the image yourself by moving your eyes ever so slightly upwards on this very news post.

Remember Contra, Metal Gear, Gradius, Castlevania, Silent Hill, Dance Dance Revolution, Zone of the Enders, Frogger, Silent Scope, Bomberman, Gradius, Suikoden, BeatMania, Lethal Enforcers, Lifeline, (...)?