We'll know for sure on January 16.
DmC Dante

A new DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is coming soon. We don't know who it is just yet, but we will know for sure when the announcement is made on January 16 at 9AM (ET). It was announced today on Twitter that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game director Masahiro Sakurai will have a special presentation that runs about 35 minutes.

Naturally, this has already sent fans into a near rabid frenzy. Fans of the Devil May Cry franchise have wanted Dante in as a playable character for a long time now. Every time a new DLC character was set to be announced, they hoped upon hope that they would finally get word that Dante was the next addition. So far, they've just been left disappointed. The speculation has been running wild for quite some time now, but the timing of this upcoming reveal seems a bit more suspect than usual.

First, we have a tweet from Capcom producer Matt Walker. This tweet was made earlier this month, long before we knew the date of the next Smash Bros. character reveal. In the video, Walker talked up the upcoming release of Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition for the Nintendo Switch. He also went on to tell fans to pay attention to three special dates. One of those dates is January 16. The very same January 16 that the next Smash Bros. DLC character will be revealed.

The other two dates mentioned by Walker are January 30 and February 13. It's not clear what those other two days could be alluding to. As of right now, Devil May Cry 3 will be out on February 20, 2020 on the Nintendo Switch. No matter what, it should prove to be a very exciting few weeks for fans of the Devil May Cry games.

And sure, this could just be a massive coincidence. Maybe it's just a big troll from Sakurai and Nintendo. Maybe all of these devs got together in order to play a joke on a couple different fan bases all at once. Or maybe, just maybe, we're about to get word that Dante is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Now just watch it be the Dante that nobody wanted.