The classic demon hunting action game is coming soon to Switch.
Devil May Cry 3 logo

Capcom announced today that Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch. How soon? Try February 20, 2020. While that may not be super soon, it's not that far off in the grand scheme of things. When it hits the eShop in February it will retail for $19.99 (USD).

Devil May Cry 3 is actually a prequel to a lot of the events that happen in the original Devil May Cry. You got yourself a younger Dante going up against his brother Vergil. Vergil is kind of a jerk and he kind of wants to open up a gate to the demonic realm. Brothers, am I right?

Devil May Cry 3 is said, by some, to be the best game in the franchise. It has plenty of over the top action, six selectable combat styles, the introduction of the "Style" based combat system, and plenty of flash. The Special Edition brings to Switch players the base game, Vergil as a playable character, and the 9,999 floors of the Bloody Palace survival mode.

If you would rather get Devil May Cry or Devil May Cry 2, they are both also available right now for $19.99 through the eShop.

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