A new Operation delivers new skins, stickers, missions, maps, a battle pass system, and more.
CS:GO Lunacy map

Valve just released a brand new operation for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tonight. This new operation is called Operation Shattered Web and with it comes all of the goodies CS:GO fans have come to expect from Valve.

This means there are new skins to find, new stickers, new missions to complete, and some new maps. Also, the first ever female character model in the history of the main Counter-Strike series was just added to the game tonight. Well, it's the first female character in the franchise if you ignore the weird, super sexualized female characters found in Counter-Strike Online. This was a Nexon developed title made for Asian markets. It never got a global release.


An overview of the Operation Shattered Web can, of course, be found on the official Counter-Strike website. There, you will get a better look at the content included. You will also get a better look at the histories of the new, equippable agents that are being offered via a battle pass format.

Operation Shattered Web is available for $14.99 (USD). All users are able to play missions, participate in all of the game modes, and can purchase a pass at any time in order to receive all of the rewards associated with their pre-purchase progress.

CS:GO battle pass

For the first time in CS:GO, players may bring their favorite character into battle with all-new, equippable agents. Offered via battle pass format, players can earn a massive collection of rewards featuring the new agents plus all-new weapon collections, stickers, graffiti, and more. Operation Missions will feature various game modes including Co-op Guardian and a new Co-op Strike Mission.