Another collaboration announcement for Puzzle & Dragons.
Puzzle & Dragons Power Rangers

There have been a ton of collaboration announcements over the past few years for Puzzle & Dragons. Some of these include Monster Hunter and Fullmetal Alchemist to name a couple. Now, it's time for the Power Rangers to join up with the popular puzzle game? Stranger things have happened.

This collaboration will bring over "dozens" of new character from Power Rangers in to Puzzle & Dragons. Some of these include rare characters like the Red Ranger, Ninjor, and Zeo Megazord. There will be a new 3-player multiplayer dungeon to play through with friends. All players will get a Power Rangers Memorial Egg Machine in their mailbox just for logging in during this collab.

This collab runs from today (October 28) through November 10. You will also get to take on the Power Rangers Special Dungeon. Those that get through this dungeon's highest difficulty will get another pull of the Power Rangers Memorial Egg Machine. Power Coins may also drop after defeating enemies in this dungeon. These coins can be exchanged for prizes at the Monster Exchange.

Puzzle & Dragons can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, or Amazon for free.