Three classic JRPGs are coming to the Nintendo Switch very soon.
Dragon Quest

Square Enix announced today that the first three Dragon Quest games will be released on the Nintendo Switch on September 27. These classic JRPGs include Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line, and Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation. All of these are going to be available via the Nintendo eShop.

Square Enix isn't shying away from pushing the impact Dragon Quest had on the gaming world, calling these games an "iconic trilogy." The first game is being billed as a cultural phenomenon upon its release in 1986. No, 1986 is not a typo. The first game was originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES for you cool kids out there.

Dragon Quest will be sold at $4.99 (USD), Dragon Quest II will be priced at $6.49, and Dragon Quest III is going to be yours for $12.49.

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The iconic Erdrick trilogy begins in the acclaimed DRAGON QUEST where players begin their voyage as the “Hero,” a descendent of the valiant hero Erdrick in an epic journey through the historic realm of Alefgard. DRAGON QUEST II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line takes place a century later, where the young prince of Midenhall embarks on a journey to find the other two descendants of Erdrick in order to defeat the nefarious Hargon. The third and final title in the Erdrick trilogy, DRAGON QUEST III: The Seeds of Salvation, takes players through the land of Aliahan, where a young hero has been charged with an impossible task of slaying Baramos, the master of darkness.