New update adds as much content as the game's title is long.
Super DB HWM

There is a third free update out today for Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission that adds in a bunch of free content. It's so free, I had to mention it twice in the previous sentence.

This new content includes 16 new characters, 5 new missions, 3 new supers, 9 new abilities, new card customizations, and increased experience and friendship points.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission is a strategy game blended with collectible card game. It's out now for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam for $59.99 (USD). You collect cards, create powerful decks, and battle it out against others. That's typically how CCG type games go.

  • 16 New Characters – Including powerful favorites such as Jiren, Toppo, Hit, and Kefla!
  • 5 Brand-new Missions
  • 3 New Super Attacks
  • 9 New Abilities
  • New card customization designs
  • Increased EXP & Friendship Points