Get ready for a major balance overhaul.
Tekken 7 Season 3

If you haven't started up Tekken 7 today, you may not yet know that the third season for the popular fighting game just kicked off. With today's launch of Season 3 in the Americas a number of major balance changes were made for every single character.

There are also a number of new moves that have been added for every character. You can keep track of these new abilities and see how the old abilities have changed with the new Play Stats feature. This will log and display your "most impressive stats."

There are also "expanded character select functions" as well as some adjustments to how online rank is calculated. This is all being done ahead of the launch of the Tekken 7 Season Pass 3, which starts its trickle of content on September 10. An overview of the 3.00 update can be found here at the Tekken site.