Game over, man! Game over!
Alien: Isolation

Creative Assembly, the studio behind Alien: Isolation and the Total War games, is busy working on a new IP. It's being reported that their new IP is, drumroll please, a sci-fi FPS with heroes and cosmetic microtransactions. If that sounds familiar to you, you probably played Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Battleborn, LawBreakers, Monday Night Combat, Paladins, or many others in the genre. Heck, you can maybe even include Rainbow Six Siege in that category if you want to stretch the definition a bit.

And while Creative Assembly isn't working on an Alien: Isolation 2, maybe this game will still be your cup of tea. Right now, the team is looking for a new lead hero designer that will "ensure our game heroes match the creative world and vision, providing compelling gameplay." Said heroes will have to have a "range of amazing thought and play provoking specialties."

This new hire will also need to have an "understanding of monetization, rewards, and art production," as they will help to provide "guidance on visual design and cosmetics."

Right now, Creative Assembly has not announced anything about this new game to the public yet. If they're still busy hiring for lead positions, I would not expect to see anything about it for quite some time. If you're upset about this and still really want some fresh Alien action, you can always check out the mobile game, Alien: Blackout.