Pull my devil trigger?
Nioh 2

A new teaser trailer is out today for Nioh 2. This trailer gives you a little glimpse of the upcoming closed alpha for the game. Invites for the alpha have already gone out to some PlayStation 4 owners. According to Team Ninja, there are no plans to expand the alpha beyond those who are already invited.

Like its predecessor, Nioh 2 looks to bring even more action and exploration to fans that liked the original. It seems as though there will once again be a wide variety of enemies to face, moves to master, and even something that looks a bit like a Devil Trigger ability straight out of Devil May Cry 5? It sure seems that way. Check out the trailer to see what I mean.

So far, there is no release date sent for Nioh 2, nor do we know any of the release platforms outside of the PlayStation 4. This particular alpha, however, runs from May 24 until June 2.

The original Nioh came out for both the PS4 and later on for PC via Steam.