Darling it's better, down where it's wetter.
BDO Underwater Ruins

Black Desert Online is going to let players explore what lies below on May 22 with the release of the "Underwater Ruins Expansion." Players of the MMO will tackle new adventures in a variety of new water-themed locations and "face off against some of the fiercest enemies in the game."

Players will need to travel by boat and take a deep dive into the ocean to begin adventuring in two different locations. These locations are the Protty Cave and Sycraia Ruins. Players will also get to face off against Sycrid, a new field boss in Black Desert Online. It should be noted that once you reach these locations, players will not have to swim during combat and exploration.

There was a new update released today for the game. Those particular changes can be found here for those of you who enjoy reading through some changelogs.

The Protty Cave, suitable for skilled adventurers, will have players descend into dank caverns only lit by bioluminescent plants and creatures to face-off against a mysterious new race of amphibian creatures.

The Sycraia Ruins, on the other hand, has players explore long-deserted ruins that are still defended by ancient constructs that will fiercely defend the treasures that lie within. The Sycraia Ruins can be entered by using a special artifact that can be acquired throughout the Underwater Ruins.

Featuring brand new enemy types and powerful items for players to acquire, the Underwater Ruins also adds a new summonable boss named Sycrid. This boss will require a small group of players to work together to be able to overcome him. Defeating him gives players a chance to acquire the highly desirable Tungrad Ring, the strongest ring in the game.

This week’s maintenance also sees the addition of the Great Marni’s Stone, a feature that rewards players with rare items for killing monsters that correspond with the type of their Great Marni’s stone.

Additionally, players can sink their teeth into the ‘Hands of Gold Returns’ event which can net players handsome rewards. More information on how to obtain these items is available on the dedicated event page. The daily attendance rewards have also been revamped with a completely new golden theme. Players can collect up to 200 million Silver by collecting gold items by logging in every day.