Vampire Bloodlines

This one is coming at you hot and fast from PC Gamer. A new report from the digital magazine suggests that Paradox Interactive is possibly teasing a new Vampire: The Masquerade game via a fake dating app.

The app is called Tender and it's claim to fame is a "soulmate algorithm." You can even sign into it using your existing Paradox account. And I wouldn't worry too much about actually getting matched with someone. Even their announcement video seems to indicate that things are not as they seem with Tender.

When you first sign into the app, it asks for your blood type. It then asks you to describe yourself as either andry, sad, hysterical, or numb. Other questions have you selecting which of four images best describes you or asking about what your interests are. Afterwards, it invites you to match up with sick people near you. Curious, no?

The app also includes various quests, which will level up your profile upon completion. There are also some secret codes floating around in various videos, redacted memos from the made up Tender CEO that got "leaked," and even an "investigative website" that also has ties to this potential ARG.

Paradox owns White Wolf Publishing. White Wolf Publishing filed a trademark for "Vampire Bloodlines" back in 2016.