GameStop locations in Germany really seem to want to rid themselves of their Fallout 76 stock. It's apparently gotten to the point there that they are giving away free copies of Fallout 76 with every purchase of a used PlayStation 4 controller.

A user on Reddit, cenorexia, shared a photo at their local GameStop showing an announcement of the promotion.

Free Fallout 76

As if that wasn't enough, some users in that Reddit thread actually pointed out that it would be cheaper to fly from Italy to Germany to purchase a copy of Fallout 76. The game is still apparently being sold for €70 in Italian retailers. A user noted that a round-trip flight from Rome to Berlin would cost €20. Depending on how much the controllers are going for in Germany, it would actually be cheaper to make the trip for them.

However, there are many that are still very much up in arms over Fallout 76. You've seen the issues with the canvas bags. You've probably heard many jokes about the Fallout 76 leather jacket, and you maybe even saw something about a "hidden" developer room still in the game. The latter potentially resulting in an account ban if you had gained access to the room.

The latest major issue with the game is apparently how the recently released Patch 5 for the game reverted fixes that were already made in a previous patch. For instance, the change that made bobby pins weigh 0.001 pounds was reverted back to the original weight of 0.1 pounds. A fix that addressed powered doors was also reverted. These, among other examples posted by users, seemed to indicate that Bethesda built Patch 5 on an older build of the game, one that dates from a period before their previous patch was released.

Fans have also taken major issue with a lot of the near "uselessness" of many perks, especially in the wake of many perks being rebalanced (read: "severely nerfed") in the recent update. A common complaint amongst players is how these nerfs can drastically alter play styles that have been built up over time, made all the worse by the lack of any free respec options after these changes are made. Other players are still encountering issues like infinite loading screens or the inability to move after logging in. Both of these issues have been in the game since launch.