Jump Force Dai

Remember what I was saying earlier about how fighting games love to trickle out roster announcement these days? Well, Jump Force certainly isn't any exception. Today, Jump Force announced that they have added Dai from Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai to its fighting lineup.

In addition to this new character reveal, there are new screenshots and a new story trailer for you to gawk at. The trailer focuses on the "mysterious Umbras Cubes that are transforming humans into deadly mindless drones called Venoms." The trailer will really make you ask yourself, "what are these cubes and how have all these manga characters appeared in our world?"

I ask myself that second part every single day.

Jump Force brings a bunch of anime characters together in one big ol' fighting game. It's coming out on February 15 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. As always, be sure to check out a bunch of our previous coverage for other character reveals.

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