Dead or Alive 6 Raidou

The big thing with fighting games these days are the steady stream of roster addition announcements. True to form, we received word today that Dead or Alive 6 will have Raidou as part of its fighting roster.

The sinister ninja was thought to be killed during an explosion after the first DEAD OR ALIVE tournament, but his body was secretly recovered and experimented on using DOATEC’s biotechnology, and while that leaves Raidou without a mind of his own, he has now devolved into a madman who only craves strength and destruction.

Raidou, who was once known as the most dangerous and evil ninja in the DEAD OR ALIVE universe, is back thanks to the power of science, and his move-set is as brutal as ever. With Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu as a base, he favors a power-focused fighting style. Raidou makes use of his colossal physique while slamming opponents with a series of devastating strikes he is able to mimic from others, while at the same time, mixing in jaw-dropping moves of his own, such as the Tenho-Gorai-Sho and the Rekku-Jinraisatsu.
This announcement comes complete with some new Dead or Alive 6 images that show off all-new stages. These are "A.P.O. and Chinese Festival."

A.P.O. showcases one of the hallways leading deep into the M.I.S.T. research facility where the immoral experiments take place. Meanwhile, CHINESE FESTIVAL is a colorful corner of Chinatown during a spring festival, complete with unused firecrackers scattered across the ground and ready to explode on impact.
Two new modes were also just detailed for the game. These are Quest and Training. DOA Quest tasks players with clearing missions during matches. Doing so will reward you with Player Points and the ability to unlock various cosmetic items. This mode is "designed for players to learn and memorize the various fighting systems and techniques" found in the game. As you may already expect, the challenges will become more difficult with the more you do.

The Training mode is about what you expect. You can practice until your heart's content with Free Training, Tutorial, Command Training, or Combo Challenge.

Dead or Alive 6 is in development for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. It will be released on March 1, 2019.

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