Street Fighter Pro League

Capcom announced a new esports series for Street Fighter. It's aptly being called the "North American Street Fighter Pro League" and as the name implies, it's opening the doors to professionals and newcomers in North America. It will feature 3 vs 3 team battles in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition with up to six teams formed from a mix of players.

The tentative start date for the North American Street Fighter Pro League will happen at some point this Spring.

Six top ranking players on the Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) 2018 North American leaderboards will be extended invitations to participate in the League as team captains. The second slot on the team will be a finalist from an online qualifier. The third slot on the team will be comprised of a pool of players selected by the community. Captains will be able to draft their teams at the start of the season from the player pools.

The first season is expected to start in April 2019 with tournaments airing every Thursday through June. A season one final will take place in late June, where the top two teams will roll into season two. The season two draft will kick off in August and run through November, culminating in the first North America Pro League Champion. Details on the online qualifiers and community vote-in process will be announced in the coming weeks.