Stunt Kite Party

Go fly a kite. That phrase has a bit more meaning with today's announcement that Stunt Kite Party is coming out on February 8 for the NIntendo Switch. The game will feature a full single-player story in addition to local four-player multiplayer. There are 10 different game modes, the ability to make your own tournaments, and more.

Stunt Kite Party is developed and published by HandyGames. It will be released on the Switch on February 8 for $9.99.

The story mode places you in the shoes of a young pilot who just arrived in the Big City to find out that flying kites is against the law. It's up to you and your new friends to try to change the mayor's mind so that you can once again fly kites.

About Stunt Kite Party
Stunt Kite Party is an easy to learn but hard to master party game for up to four players. In ten different game modes, players compete against each other. Game modes include controlling your kite while carrying a bomb and knocking your opponents out of the sky, avoiding being shot down by an alien space ship or stealing honeycombs from a bee. What mode you want to play? Up to you. Either you enter a predefined tournament, or you can create your own challenges for you and your friends. You have different characters to play as, different skins, a variety of kites to unlock and a story mode if you want to play alone.

• Exciting story mode
•10 challenging game modes
•Compete in predefined or custom tournaments
•Single and multiplayer matches with up to 4 players
•4 idyllic levels to kite
•Unlock additional characters, kites, and skins

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