Sunset Overdrive physical release on PC
The PC release of Sunset Overdrive is here. Though it was never announced, we saw a few clues that it was happening in the previous weeks, including ratings by the Korean ratings board and the ESRB.

But hey, it's here now. It's available through either the Windows 10 Store or through Steam. It is not part of the Game Pass or Play Anywhere programs. However, it is just $19.99 (USD) and it comes with all of the previously released DLCs, which probably makes the urge to double dip all the more enticing.

The game will have a special physical release coming. It'll probably show up on store shelves by next week (so says the press release). You can see what all is included in the physical release of the game by scrolling your eyeballs up a bit to the top of this post.

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