State of Decay 2 Zedhunter update news
The aptly named "Zedhunter" update for State of Decay 2 was announced this weekend at X018. It will be released for free on November 16 and when it does, there will be a bunch of new content available to everyone that owns the game on either the Xbox One or Windows 10 PCs.
This new pack adds the powerful and silent crossbow as a new zombie-slaying weapon along with additional melee weapons, facilities, blood plague consumables, and gameplay updates like the ability to respect your skills all into the main game. As part of our continued commitment to supporting the four million players in the State of Decay 2 community, Zedhunter will be free for all players – owners of either Standard or Ultimate Edition along with Xbox Game Pass members.

Undead Labs also revealed that they will have even more coming in 2019. Specifically, they note that they are working on a "more challenging player experience." I'm sure we'll see more about that when the time comes.