Hitman 2 Sean Bean
We already saw the real life Sean Bean promoting his appearance in HITMAN 2, but we have yet to see the digital version of him. At least we haven't seen him until right now.

As a little reminder, Sean Bean assumes the role of Mark Faba, the first elusive target that Agent 47 is going after in HITMAN 2.

Hitman 2 Sean Bean

Yep, that sure is a Sean Bean right there.

In addition, there is a new entry in the How to Hitman series. This one focuses on the briefcase.
Due to popular demand, the fan-favorite briefcase will make a triumphant return in HITMAN 2, allowing Agent 47 to conceal a wide range of items beyond a sniper rifle. The new and improved briefcase can now be utilized to render opposition unconscious through blunt force, distract potential eyewitnesses and through clever manipulation, it can be used to have oblivious adversaries import highly volatile or sensitive items into otherwise guarded areas.