Rainbow Six: Siege - Operation Grim Sky
Ubisoft has revealed the first map that will get the rework treatment for the third season of Rainbow Six: Siege. The third year and third season of the game, dubbed Operation Grim Sky, will see Hereford Base get a facelift.

The map has been in the game since the beta a few years back. Not much is really known about what exactly the Rainbow Six: Siege team at Ubisoft is doing, but we do know that it will feature a new look and a new layout. However, it will still feel "familiar" to returning players.

In addition to this rework of Hereford Base, players can look forward to two new Operators. The first is a Defender from Great Britain, while the second is an Attacker from America.

Operation Grim Sky will also introduce some changes to fix weapon sight isses. It will also add in dynamic resolution scaling for consoles.