So the good news here is that Resident Evil 7 is coming to the Nintendo Switch! The bad news is that it's only coming out in Japan. The potentially worse newsis that it's only being made available as a cloud based streaming game. I suppose that's why they're actually calling it Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version there.

Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version seems to be the first streaming only game that has been announced for the Switch. The "download" for the game is just 45MB but you will obviously need to have a constant, strong connection to the Internet in order to actually play the game. There is no offline option available.

This exclusive release on the Japanese eShop will not include the English version. I would assume this is some new experiment Capcom and Nintendo have cooked up to see what the reception would be like for streaming games and to see if it would even be possible. I'd also have to imagine here that this would also allow the game to be rendered out at a much better quality than what you would be able to do natively on the Switch hardware itself, kind of like how you can do that with things like GeForce Now.

Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version will include the base game, Banned Footage Volumes 1 and 2, End of Zoe, and the Not a Hero DLC. Players will get a 15 minute trial for the game that can be played for free. After that, you must purchase a 2,000 (JPY; ~$20 USD) ticket to keep playing. This ticket lasts up to 180 days. The streaming thing I kind of get, but plunking down about $20 for a ticket that lasts 180 days? That seems a bit odd.