Through the Woods is Coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One


  • Through the Woods is Coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

    1C announced today its plans to provide some scares to those who own the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Through the Woods, developed by Antagonist, will be released on May 2 for the Xbox One and on May 8 for the PlayStation 4.

    What is Through the Woods?
    Following a desperate mother in the search for her kidnapped son, Through the Woods immerses the player in the mysterious dark atmosphere of a deep forest, lit only by the moon and the cone of one’s flashlight. The forest lives a different life at night, with mythological creatures roaming the woods, making every encounter potentially a deadly one. The biggest element of fear is the unknown. It seemingly materializes from the darkness. Unidentifiable sounds penetrate the silence and the occasional hint of movement may be spotted in the shadows.

    In a deeply personal narrative, the mother’s relationship with her son is gradually revealed, as she realizes what perils her young son might be facing and what is at stake. All that matters to her is finding her son and making sure he is safe. Deep in the dark woods, on her own, with many obstacles to tackle, she fights not only with the forest and its creatures, but also with demons from the past buried deep inside.

    If that still doesn't sway you, perhaps our review for Through the Woods will help to make up your mind? Hopefully it does.

    About the game

    Through the Woods is a third-person Norse horror adventure set in a forest on the western shore of Norway. It tells a story of a mother and her missing son. Through reactive narration, the player experiences the mother’s re-telling of the events surrounding her son's disappearance. It is the path of a terrified woman who is forcing herself to cross this terrible place for the sole purpose of finding her son in a setting heavily influenced by Norse mythology and Norwegian folk tales.

    With Through the Woods, Antagonist have captured the feeling of the forest as they saw it as children, with all the frightening and mysterious feelings of roaming the woods alone. This is coupled with a powerful story and high quality sound design that acts as a core mechanic in the darkness of the forest. Through the Woods is a profound experience that delivers the feeling of loneliness and loss in a terrifying place.

    • Explore stunning environments and experience stories inspired by Norse mythology, Norwegian art and nature
    • Uncover dark tales of the past and present through reactive narration
    • Creative use of light and darkness generates deceptive environments
    • A frightening journey accompanied by beautiful and grim sound design
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