The release date for Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4 was announced today for September 7, 2018. In addition to the basic edition ($59.99 USD), a Collector's Edition ($144.99) and Digital Deluxe Edition were announced. Insomniac Games provides some additional details on what these two versions include.


But wait, what about special pre-order bonuses? No worries, there are a few of those and they are free to everyone that pre-orders the game regardless of which version you buy.

There is also a bunch of new gameplay and story details going around thanks to the latest issue of Game Informer. For instance we now know that some suits may have their own abilities, you use L3 to dive and gain momentum, you can high-five or take selfies with civilians (among other actions), there are lots of side activities, you gain experience for doing pretty much anything, and there's even word about the game's first DLC entitled "City Never Sleeps." There are some other details that you can read up on, if you know where to look.