Sony just kicked off a new idea that should be a monthly event over at the PlayStation Blog. They just started a "Players' Choice Awards" vote where they are having the community vote on the best PlayStation games released each month.

The voting began for January 2018 and looks to run for exactly one week after the polls open. IE: Since the voting opened today, January 31, the voting will end on February 7. The games listed on the polls in the first place were picked based on selections from members of the PlayStation Blog and PlayStation Store teams from games that were released during that month. The community then selects one of the games on the list that they personally feel is better than the rest. IE: Pick a game that you would have no problem recommending to a friend of yours. It's pretty simple.

We'll probably have an update on this first poll next week. My money is on Monster Hunter: World or Celeste taking it for January.