During the PlayStation live stream at Paris Games Week 2017, Codemasters revealed a new extreme style racing game was revealed called Onrush (stylized as ONRUSH). It looked a lot like the MotorStorm games in all but name and perhaps it's for good reason. Onrush is the first game by Codemaster's new team in Cheshire, UK. If you recall, Evolution Studios was picked up by Codemasters after Sony parted ways from the studio that developed the Motor Storm games in addition to Driveclub. So while Evolution no longer exists by that name, they are still busy making games in Cheshire, UK for Codemasters.

And now you know why Onrush looks so much like the old MotorStorm games.

Onrush is slated to be released some time in Summer 2018 for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.