BadLand Games, a Spanish game distributor and publisher, has just opened the new BadLand Games Research Poland in Warsaw. This new division will focus on publishing a number of new Indie titles, beginning with two games.
The first two exciting indie games to be part of BadLand Games Publishing's new vision are Vostok Inc. and Necrocosmos. Vostok Inc., developed by UK based studio Nosebleed Interactive, is a twin stick, sci-fi shooter where you play as a greedy space capitalist with the goal to become stinking rich. Vostok Inc. will launch from July 27th digitally for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PlayStation Vita.

Necrocosmos, developed by Spanish studio Andromeda Project, is an action game with Metroidvania mechanics, set in an open world galaxy with 8-bit aesthetics. Necrocosmos will start its fundraising campaign via KickStarter from August this year.

This new studio is also busy developing their own title that has yet to be announced. The screenshots below are from Necrocosmos.