Many people, including myself, forgot that State of Decay 2 was still even a thing. Well, Microsoft made sure to remind everybody that it still exists and it's still coming with a fresh E3 2017 trailer.

Like the first game, base growth is still very much a key gameplay aspect here. It also continues the idea that if your character dies, they are dead for good and you must continue as another survivor.

This one is a firm Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. It is slated to be released Spring 2018.
"State of Decay 2" is the ultimate zombie survival fantasy game, where you build a lasting community in an open world filled with hostile zombies, human enemies and the valuable gear necessary to keep your community alive. Play solo or invite up to three friends in multiplayer co-op to overcome challenges and survive as a group while defining your own unique story. Your choices shape the identity of your community, ensuring that no two stories are alike — and remember, once you lose a survivor, they're gone forever thanks to the return of permadeath in "State of Decay 2." Available worldwide as an Xbox Play Anywhere title in spring 2018.