[ATTACH=CONFIG]11539[/ATTACH]ZeniMax is moving forward on its promise to file an injunction against Oculus. The company is not happy with the paltry $500 million it was awarded and wants to go for the jugular. This is what the statement from ZeniMax's lawyers said.

This injunction spurred a fire under ZeniMax's ass because Facebook essentially said that $500 million means jack squat to them.

ZeniMax's injunction looks to block the sale and distribution of any Oculus VR products that uses its copyrighted code. This includes Oculus PC software, Oculus integration with Unreal Engine, integration with the Unity Engine. This has the very real potential to block the sale of the Oculus Rift hardware and the Oculus software.

If the court decides not to impose a junction, ZeniMax wants the court to instead grant the company an "ongoing royalty." The legal filing does not specify an exact amount for the royalty compensation. However, based on statements made during the trial, it could be that the royalties would amount to 20% for at least 10 years from products that incorporate ZeniMax's IP.

Meanwhile, Oculus plans to appeal the initial decision by the jury.