We have some "sad" news for you today. You may recall that Digital Homicide was the studio that unfortunately had their games pulled from Steam. Of course, they were pulled because the studio decided to sue Valve and a number of Steam users for $18 million.

Now, I said "was the studio" because Digital Homicide has been "destroyed." At least, those are the words used by Digital Homicide's James Romine. This goes hand in hand with the news that the $18 million lawsuit has been dismissed.


The motion to dismiss was approved. What does Romine have to say about all of this?

What is a talent like Romine to do now then?!

A pity. A damn pity.

As for the $15 million lawsuit against Jim Sterling? Well, that one is awaiting a dismissal decision. Sterling isn't quite out of the woods just yet but it certainly seems like he will be soon enough.

(via Kotaku)