Hey! Hi! Here's the deal. I was really busy today. As such, you get a tasty #NewsBits that includes a brief look at some of the stuff I was emailed today and probably yesterday. Let's go!

NASCAR Heat Evolution has a new developer diary out. This game has adaptive AI, customizable car setups, various game modes (Season, Career, & Online multiplayer), plus 23 licensed tracks in the Sprint Cup Series. It's out in North America on September 13, 2016 for the PS4, XB1, and PC. Until then, enjoy these screenshots!


Super Mutant Alien Assault is out July 12 on the PS4, XB1, and PC from Surprise Attack Games and Cybernate. It's an "arcade platform shooter" that has you utilizing "weapons, explosives, sidearms, special abilities, perks, and defensive moves" in "randomly-generated levels solo or with a friend." Check out the new trailer or look at the new screenshots.


The Paragon Starter Pack is available free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers beginning July 5. This pack includes early access to the Early Access Season, Master Challenges for three heroes, Challenger skin, permanent Hero Level XP boost, and more. More visual details can be found in this new trailer for the free PS Plus version.

Tumblestone, a game by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild (QAG) and Nighthawk Interactive, will be out at retail on August 30 for $24.99 (USD) on the PS4 and Wii U. It features hand painted artwork that will take you and friends through "40 hours" of action-puzzle focused story, or going head to head in competitive multiplayer. Find out more about the additional game modes by checking out this Tumblestone trailer.

Zombie Night Terror is coming July 20 to PC. You take a zombie horde throughout a city, changing form to get around hazards, convert humans to your side via infection, and just generally be a zombie.

Crush Your Enemies is out on July 13 for the PC, iOS, and Android. Brog and Vile Monarch utilize explosive hedgehogs, moonshine, and inflatable naked decoys to battle lots of enemies. There is a demo available now through Steam.

Art for The Bioshock Collection was found being hosted on 2K servers today. The art belongs to a game that isn't technically announced yet but has long been rumored to exist.


That's it! That's been a new NewsBits. It was kind of a slow day all things considered.