A spokesperson for Sony said today that while it isn't bundled with the PlayStation VR, the PlayStation Camera is needed for PlayStation VR functionality (head tracking). The camera is being sold separately.

For being such an important component, why is it being sold separately? Sony's spokesperson said that many already own a PlayStation Camera. It's as simple as that. Including the camera with PlayStation VR would be an additional cost that would be completely unnecessary for those who already own part of the hardware.

For those with a camera already, the cost of VR is just $400. For those who do not yet have a camera, the cost jumps to roughly $460 (PS Camera retails for $60 at the moment). It's still an attractive offer compared to other VR solutions, especially when you can get the Camera for much cheaper than $60 from most retailers.

What about the PlayStation Move? The Move is not necessary for a VR experience and is purely optional.