Bungie, by way of the latest Game Informer article on Destiny, revealed that Nolan North will fully replace Peter Dinklage as the voice of the Ghost in the game. Bungie is not only replacing Dinklage for the upcoming content for The Taken King expansion, but they will also replace all of the main story content with North's work.

Many will recall Dinklage's work as the Ghost as often being flat and poorly delivered. Whether or not this was a problem with the direction or the actor himself remains to be seen right now. Many argue that a major problem with Destiny wasn't necessarily Dinklage's work as the Ghost, but rather the script, or more specific, the lack of one and the lack of a meaningful story. Fortunately, Bungie is also trying to address this issue.

That seems to suggest that Bungie is going to bring the Grimoire lore from a web based focus and will instead actually incorporate this major chunk of story into the game somehow. These changes are expected to come in the 2.0 update for Destiny, which is currently slated to arrive a few days ahead of The Taken King's September 15 release.

RIP, Dinklebot.