Twitch teams that include Main Menu, The Wobblers, and The Wigglers have come together to host a multi-day long charity event for the Game Changer charity. The teams will be squaring off against one another in a series of friendly head to head races throughout a variety of games in the Racing for Change marathon. The event begins on Thursday, April 30 at 12PM (PT; right now) and runs until roughly 12PM (PT) on Saturday, May 2.

The first race is in Bloodborne between ThunderCast and Teawrex. There will be races in Metal Gear Solid 2 between Inexpensivegamer and Calebhart42, Sunset Overdrive between Ironchefbobbyflail and KingGothalion, I Wanna Be the Guy between CobaltStreak and Bisnap, Titan Souls between Richard_Hammer and witwix, and many many more.

There is a limited edition shirt that you can pick up through donations. Or you can just donate directly without picking up a shirt by donating directly to the Game Changer charity.

You can see the current schedule and links to the current streamers at the Main Menu page for the Racing for Change event.