During Intel's keynote today at CES 2015, the company pledged to spend $300 million over the next five years to improve diversity in the tech industry. This campaign aims to address the issues of underrepresentation of women in the industry as well as minorities. This includes working with groups such as the ESL, IGDA, Girls Who Code, Feminst Frequency, and more.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich alluded to issues facing the tech industry over the past year, including Gamergate, as some of the main reasons they're making this strong push.
"Intel believes men and women should be treated the same. And, diversity is an integral part of our corporate strategy and vision with commitments to improve the diversity of our workforce." Today, Krzanich elaborated on that by saying Intel's own internal goal was to reach what he referred to as a "full representation in all levels" in its workforce by 2020. That not only includes its rank and file, but at the executive level as well.

This move also comes a few months after a lie filled mass spam campaign by Gamergate temporarily found Intel pulling advertising from Gamasutra. While Gamergate took that as a "win" in their book, Intel quickly corrected their mistake by reinstating the ads in relatively short time. Gamergate are, naturally, taking this latest announcement from Intel with all the maturity and respect that you the world has come to expect from them.

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