The game that always seems to be in a permanent alpha will remain in a non-finished form until at least 2016. This is according to a roadmap released by the game's developer at Bohemia Interactive.

Bohemia also released information on their pricing plans for the game in the coming months, starting with right now. The game is back down to its original price of $29.99 (USD). It was raised to $34.99 for a time.

As the alpha phase comes to an end near the "final quarter of 2015," the price will rise to $43.99. Once the game is actually finished and released in 2016, it will be $49.99. Between then and now, Bohemia has a roadmap that includes the addition of new vehicles, zombie AI, diseases, and "basic stealth" for the first quarter of 2015. In Q2, vehicle repair, modifications, player stats, a new user interface, and dynamic events will be added. In Q3 and Q4 of 2015, there will be the addition of traps, barricades, wildlife predators and companions, aerial transport, construction, and Steam Community integration.

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