The Xbox One launched in Japan last week! Unfortunately for Microsoft, the system sold just 23,562 units during its launch week (measured from September 4-7). In case you weren't aware, that's a terrible figure.

In comparison, the Xbox 360 sold over 60,000 units during its first two days of being on sale in Japan. The original Xbox sold just shy of 124,000 units in its first three days. How well did the PlayStation 4 do for its Japanese launch? In the first two days of being on sale, the PS4 sold 322,083 units.

How did software sales stack up for the Xbox One in Japan? Well, if you ignore one very simple detail, Titanfall was the best selling title in the region! That simple detail? Well, Titanfall was bundled with the Xbox One in the region, so everybody that bought the console also own Titanfall. The next most sold title was Kinect Sports Rivals at 14,191 units sold. The third most purchased Xbox One title was Dead Rising 3 at 7,330 units sold.

To put this into perspective, the 320,000+ units that the PS4 sold was already considered "low" for the region. The only "major" platforms that sold worst than the Xbox One in Japan during a new launch was the NeoGeo Pocket and the NeoGeo Pocket Color.

(via Famitsu)