In some supposedly leaked documents from GameStop that were obtained by Kotaku, the retail chain may soon overhaul their trade-in system, perhaps for the better in some instances.

According to the rumor, August 18 will mark the start of a more simplified trade-in program at GameStop. This system seems to streamline a lot of the payment options and removes a lot of the bonus options that used to exist. Take the following chart as an example of what this new plan will do.

Sure, you get more for in-store credit than if you got cash back but you are now eliminating a lot of the promotional offers that used to give you a lot more than their flat rate. Granted, this new system should get you a bit more bang for your buck if you go the cash route. The company says you should get about 20% more for your trade-ins since the base is no longer at 0% but rather at -20%. Granted, you still get more if you are a member of their Power-Up Rewards program.

The good news is that as a result of this new system, GameStop employees now have one more way to pester you while checking out!
How do I talk about this with the customer?
The key point for this to work is the team member knowing what to say and how it resonates with the customer.

Piggy backing on how you engage a customer about the change use the following as possible talking points during the greet, floor or cash wrap touch points.

Then the team member says- "have you heard that cash isn't the only way to pay here at GameStop?" More than likely the customer will look puzzled and then the team members say- "When is the last time you sold us anything?" Or "when is the last time we bought anything from you?" This is the opportunity to educate the customer that their items sitting at home are worth currency that can be spent in your store. Keep in mind that 2/3 of our customers don't understand what "Trade In" means.

The main opportunity is to have the customer leave with the last thing on their mind being that what they have at home, sitting around possibly collecting dust is worth currency-VALUE- in our stores. During the last interaction either on the floor or at the cash wrap, the team member needs to say- "Thank you for coming in today, don't forget that cash isn't the only way to pay." If the customer paid with a credit card they will more than likely look and ask what? The team member responds with "when is the last time we bought some of your items?" Or "when is the last time you sold us something?" Getting the customer to remember the last thing they hear from your team member is that what they have at home can be used as currency to buy goods in your store is the biggest take away.

Then again, if you're trading your games in to GameStop and not any other retailer that still offers better value for your trade-ins, I really doubt you're the kind of person that cares about this sort of thing.