Today, has officially launched their support of Linux based operating systems with support for over 50 games. More specifically, they are supporting the two most popular distributions of the OS: Ubuntu and Mint with DEB installers. Those not on those distributions can still download the distro-independent archives to play the games.
There is something for everyone in the launch lineup--from classic DOSBox titles like Rise of the Triad: Dark War or Bloodnet, to recent and new indie releases like Kentucky Route Zero, CLARC and Gods Will Be Watching. Additionally, as a welcome gift for the Linux community, some of the classic titles are getting an up to 75% Linux launch discount (PC and Mac users are welcome, too) until the end of the week.

GOG promises Linux support for about 100 games by Fall. Of the currently available 50+ titles, 23 of them are Linux compatible for the first time ever thanks to the efforts of GOG. Head on over to the special announcement page at for more information, including links to all of the games available now on Linux.

In case you missed it from the above quote, there is a huge sale going on right now on these supported titles, so be sure to check them out.